I'm JL McFarland, the eye behind the camera and the mastermind of JL Images Photography. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, I grew up in a Midwestern middle class family that preached "go to college" "get a job". My career background has been in the automotive field from the time that I could lift a finger and make money.

   My photography journey began in 2016 when my daughter was born. I needed to take photos of her but all I had at the time was an outdated android smartphone. I found an old Kodak C160 that I purchased 2008 and started exploring the settings to make the image quality better. It was highly limited, as expected. My main focus was perfecting low light images so I began to learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. 

  Fast forward a bit, I purchased my first pro DSLR, a Nikon D700, began to really understand what photography is and began understanding how to control light to create an image. 

"Once you become FEARLESS, You becomes LIMITLESS"